We take a holistic approach to your business, no matter the size. From start to finish we are prepared with both plug-and-play and fully customizable programs. 

Sustainable business results start with a thoughtful strategic plan that is rooted in company values and aligned to the long-term vision.  Our offerings focus on this strategy and build upon it by engaging high-performance people that align with your mission, connecting them to make valuable contributions while supporting their individual growth and development in pursuit of reaching their fullest potential. 

Learn more about our offerings below.  Connect to learn more about how we can support you in achieving business success through your people!

Strategic Planning

Create a business strategy aligned with your vision, mission & values.  Enable your business potential by igniting your people potential. 

Business Strategy:

Establish what you stand for by carefully curating your mission, vision & values.

Define your direction (where are you going).

Create your plan – identify 3-5 year strategic priorities (how you will get there).

Define measurable deliverables and milestones.

Talent Strategy:

Develop a talent strategy that reflects corporate values and aligns to business strategy while inspiring personal development and high-performance teams.

Mobilize your plan through your people: Connect, Grow, Thrive.

Meaningfully connect your people to the plan. When your people clearly understand what the business stands for, get excited about where it is going, and how they will grow as a person and a professional by meaningfully contributing to success, both people and the organization will thrive.

Executive Search / Recruitment

With 15+ years’ executive level recruitment success in multiple industries, we search for leaders whose character aligns with company values and whose vision and ambition align with the future goals of the organization.  Attract future-focused leaders who complement your leadership team and introduce new ways to think, innovate and work together.  Attract the best & brightest through vast networks and industry experience.

Integrated executive coaching; support for successful transition & onboarding.

Fixed fee with an experienced consultant.

Complementary vs. Culture fit – the future of leadership attraction.

Attract the best & brightest through vast network and industry experience.

Talent Management

When your people thrive, your organization prospers.  It’s that simple. With an employee experience focused approach, develop innovative and meaningful programs enabling attraction, development and retention of exceptional talent while creating an engaged culture where team members thrive.

Talent Audit & Assessment:

Review current leadership skills, capacity, and structure as it aligns with future goals and strategy.

Strategic Workforce Planning:

Conduct a comprehensive gap analysis, identifying talent and leadership needs.

Develop or acquire skills, styles, and characteristics that will bring you on the journey to who you are striving to be.

Create succession plans and talent pipelines through internal development and external recruitment strategies.

Employer Branding:

Distinguish your organization in the industry.

Build an employer brand that authentically reflects culture.

Create an emotional connection through genuine, real-life storytelling.

Become known and an employer of choice with talent pools eager to join your team.

Culture and Employee Experience:

Genuinely live your employer brand story: it’s all about connection and belonging.

Create your Employee Value Proposition: Define the unique value your organization offers in order to positively inform your employee experience.

Lead with an employee experience approach; establish and reinforce a culture where employees feel valued, supported, and proud of where they work!

Culture & Change Management:

Assess culture alignment to the future of the company.

Create an intentional culture that is in service of employees while delivering business results.

Assess the change profile of your organization as you innovate and think different in order to remain relevant in a rapidly changing, competitive landscape; consider new approaches to becoming change adept.

Develop a culture that helps people overcome obstacles that present themselves in change and where beliefs and behaviours are deeply rooted.

Team Effectiveness & Leadership Development:

A team that understands each other, respects each other.  A team that respects each other is enabled to lead with a united front. 

Strengthen your collective leadership by understanding and appreciating each others’ motivations and strengths.  Mitigate and manage conflict while becoming more effective and inspiring leaders, enhancing culture and engaging teams with evolving business strategies.

Certified Total SDI Facilitator

Learn how behaviour is driven by motives which change in conflict. Understand how you are perceived and how you potentially judge others. When team members understand each other, they can appreciate and respect each other, enabling united leadership and improved effectiveness in working together.

Team Workshops & Values Assessments

Curating Culture by Design

Change Management

Custom designed Programs & Sessions to suit your specific needs.

Executive & Leadership Coaching

Partnering with a coach is designed to evoke transformational change and personal growth in discovering your undiscovered and limitless potential.

Leaders are supported in setting practical, self-defined goals with accountable actions through a strengths-based approach – accelerating lasting professional growth in the following: improved performance, decision-making, managing complexity, leadership excellence, and most importantly in self-satisfaction.

As a trusted partner and Certified Executive Coach, I support leaders, in teams or individually, to increase personal awareness regarding strengths and growth areas in order to and enable and inspire leadership aligned with their values. Magic happens when authenticity, vulnerability and trust are core to a leader’s presence.

Executive coaching sees an average client-reported ROI of 700% on the professional development investment. (Forbes).

We offer the following:

1:1 Coaching

Team Coaching

Peer Coaching Programs